How to make your website fly!

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How to make your website fly! Promotional Micro Sites from Business in Berkshire.

The Jazzmouse download shop is not news in itself but how it works is! The real strength is the use of promotional micro sites. Our e-solution partner is LiaiseOnline and they have just launched their new Business Lead Generation format which will drive business leads your way;

Jon Davey from LiaiseOnline say’s “Working with our partners to provide added value services such as design and copy writing. With the enhanced projects there will be more strategic client needs to address and obviously we’ll point them in the direction of those that appreciate what we have to offer.”

Making a football analogy, our portfolio of services can get your online message into the Premiership, the astuteness of our micro site owners to train and hone their skills enables them to command a “European spot”.

In January 2009 a total of nearly 20,000 search strings were used by individuals who found a page on Business in Berkshire (BinB). 17 phrases had more than 20 people search them, 287 had 5 or more searches, 1,410 had 2 or more. With 10,960 individuals keying in a single, unique search string into their chosen search engine and finding a page on BinB.

Analyse your own website stats and you’ll see a similar picture, one that is repeated through life, the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the activity is produced by 20% of those at the party! And 20% of the customers spend 80% of what is available to spend.

Our BinB Microsites are receiving 15% of the audience of our Promotional Micro Sites, giving fuel to this theory and ensuring 80% of our energy is focussed on our business lead generation promotional micro sites.

To find out more please contact us on 07850 973469


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