How to be in five places at the same time!

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How many friends do you have?
Many businesses are looking to trade on-line, how many of us are prepared for this change of direction ?

Pre internet if you wanted to find a supplier or a service you  called your colleagues and friends for their recommendations. Many SMEs, my own especially, generate most of their businesses via word of mouth. So how do we make this work for ourselves online? 

The big problem with online sales has always been trust. With the millions of phishing scams and fraudsters the early days of web-sales were very tough indeed. eBay came along in 1995 (it was called AuctionWeb at first!) and created a trust culture by getting the online community into leaving feedback for one another. Both sellers and buyers could now be validated. Paypal and Google gave the web stability and the revolution began. Many people have Facebook and twitter accounts but are you really working these spaces? The key word in social networking  is ‘work’. You have to put the time into  doing it.

It doesn’t have to be a major work out. I write a newsletter every 5-10 days or so. I have created a template layout in my word processing package (in this case iWork’s Pages) to be the same as the newsletter format. So I only create one headline, abstract and text-body. One or two pictures, a PDF of the newsletter and you are ready to role. This all takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Once completed I can then copy the text onto my  BusinessinBerkshire Micro Site, (which has an interface just like Facebook), web server page, blogs, Facebook & Myspace pages and  paste the information there. Load up your photo’s and your done! I then copy links into sites like LinkedIn and then you can have one story in five or more places.

The search engines love changing content and so a regular news letter really aids your levitation.

 I’m fairly computer literate but I’m no IT expert and all of this is within the grasp of anyone who can use Facebook and send basic emails. With practice it takes less and less time. I even wrote part of this on my iPhone in the garden this morning with my cup of tea thanks to the free WordPress app.

It is quite feasible that you could write only a few words per day and get the same results. Go on have a go and surprise yourself!


Good luck and happy networking.


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