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If I can dream – release for the Lindsay Dawkes Fund for Musical Development

The Lindsay Dawkes Fund for Musical Development is based in Berkshire and aims to provide musical instruments for a wide range of projects involving children in local education. Established in the summer of 2007 by family and friends of Lindsay Dawkes, the co-founder of Dawkes Music, who passed away earlier that year, the Funds sole aim is to raise money to aid musical development.
The opportunity for children to experience and enjoy instrumental music was a major factor in Lindsay’s life and work. With money raised from ongoing events and activities, the Fund will be able to continue the supply of musical instruments to local education projects.
At this time much research is now linking instrumental music to improved educational results and behaviour, hopefully we can all strive to offer musical opportunities to today’s youngsters. As with any Fund of this type it relies on the kind donations and support of the general community. We feel passionately about this cause as did Lindsay, between us all we can make a difference.

Dawkes music, both in the Uxbridge & Maidenhead shops, has been part of my musical life for as long as I can remember and from an idea by local business man Jon Davey I suggested that we recorded this track for the fund.

Dawkes kindly arranged for the Yamaha trio (Gareth Williams, Laurence Cottle and the late Chris Dagley) to put the rhythm section backings down.

Elvis flew in and the track was started …

So in true rock & roll style we had a fallow period where time, touring & schedules all intervened but now the first version of the song is done.

It is my intention that we revisit this a couple of times a year to add prize winners et cetera to the track until we have the Dawkes ‘mega’ band version.


(The Fund is a registered Charity: No. 1128550)

Please donate what you can. The track is £0.99p but feel free to pay any amount over and above this.
All monies raised will go to the fund

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