That was the year that was- 2010

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Picture by Daniel Salter ©2011

I’ll make no bones about it 2010 was a good year! Profits were up for the second year and we retained our strong relationship with our core businesses.

Once again Chris Deans Syd Lawrence Orchestra have been very good customers with a steady stream of concerts as well as another album for the band.

The concert based merchandising would appear to be the mainstay of the short run cd (<10,000 units) market still and I now have a few clients that like to work this way.

The Redstripe band and Boja

ngles string quartet have both made albums with us in the last year.

The new album for the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, Night at the movies, is out next week but I’ll cover that in more detail then.

The BBC big band had another good year despite facing huge budget cuts the band was still on top form with great international artists such as Nills lingren (trombone), Paul Carrack, Anita Wardel & James Morison.

It was once again a huge honour to engineer these concerts for radio two and the band and great fun!

The huge vocal talent of mr Gary Williams was very present last year at Jazzmouse.

We managed to complete three albums for Gary last year and details of these are available on his web site.

Composer Will Todd also had a prolific year and we had a great time working on his Te Deum in the studio as well as performing the world premiere of Te Deum and the ever popular mass in blue. wills music can be found here.

Will Todd

The Raymond Gubbay Organisation seem to go from strength to strength and we were lucky enough to be involved in four shows for them. The two highlights for me were one night in Hollywood featuring Ruthie Henshall and the sounds of the musicals tour featuring Jessie Buckley.

Ruthie’s tour was a cavalcade of the great music from Hollywood and broadway and also featured Due to the complex nature of the show I was very glad to tour a Digidesign Sc48 and Sony radio mics.

The sounds of the musicals tour featured the massive vocal talents of Jessie Bucklie, Debbie myers, Tim Howa and James Graeme. This celebration of musical theatre thrilled audiences up and down the nation and was also great fun to do.

It would appear that live music is as popular as ever with audiences averaging 85% occupancy and I hope that it continues into 2011!


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