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US Frackers to sue UK Government for £ millions

Business in Berkshire

Imagine a headline that said US corporation to sue UK Government for loss of earnings due to local populations preventing fracking in their area… and UK politicians gave them the right to do so! Is this treason?

I can hear you, “Don’t be stupid Jon, our politicians wouldn’t do that, you’re a fool!”

I got this email yesterday, thought you might like to read it…

Dear Jonathan,

Do you want to live in a world in which multinational corporations can sue the UK government for raising the minimum wage? [1] Or how about a world where big tobacco companies can sue the UK for billions of pounds for introducing a plain cigarette packaging law? [2]

Scarily, this could happen if TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – is passed. It’s basically a Christmas wish-list for big businesses – one with no benefit to ordinary people. Right now, the…

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