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Tour -Ettes syndrome

I suppose I just like to be busy, and when touring always need to accomplish something other than just turning up for the show each day. I knew I had over a years touring to do and wanted writing/producing solution that was easy to carry and didn’t require a flight case.

iPad was the obvious solution as I carry it most places anyhow but it seems that digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI software was a bit thin on the ground individually never mind as a package. Garage Band seemed the obvious solution. It’s very powerful and free! But the big requirement, to me, of having a portable recording solution is the ability to export your midi and audio into a bigger studio once home or at work. Garage band doesn’t do this at all. You can export a .wav or .aiff file but not midi. A nice chap called Lars Kobbe has written an applet GB2MIDI. In order to do this Scott Troyer‘s work around is lumpy but workable. You will have had to export the .aif file from your iPad to a Laptop/Desktop.

As an established Pro Tools user I didn’t want to go down the Cubase/Logic route. The research that I did suggested two possible apps NanoStudio


and Auria


NanoStudio is very good and integrates both audio and midi. As the web site says “NanoStudio is a recording studio for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application.” It’s easy to use and the synths, drum machine and mixer work well and for £5 its a bargain. There is an in-app purchase £3.99 to make it 16 tracks and this is also worth it. Once again the exporting is the issue. MIDI exports from the computer version but seemingly not the iPad. You can mix down on the iPad or export to the laptop version of NanoStudio and you can share with SoundCloud.

Auria I liked from the off but vs1 didn’t support MIDI, there was a work around involving Audiobus and Nanostudio but none of this worked fully until Apple released iOS 9 in Late 2015. With this came the release of Auria Pro and this now had MIDI integrated.

This now all worked without Audiobus running (I believe that it runs in the background) and I could include other synths like Animoog and Sampletank as MIDI instruments.

Now we could write and export via Auria’s .aaf export option directly into Pro Tools either via Dropbox or iTunes when connected to the laptop. Auria Pro is £34.99

The next nut to crack was a portable mic preamp. I’ve a couple of USB/firewire interfaces but neither of the are portable. Speaking with my chums at Mediaspec UK they unanimously suggested IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro. This little device is pocket size and very good.


It integrates with Auria very well and is easy to use. You can plug either a jack or xld into it and 48V phantom power is supplied via a 9v battery (not included). It evens works as a MIDI interface. I’ve done a few sax/flute solos for dance tracks with it already. Here’s one for Phil Bonna .

I have found the iPad a little fiddly to play so as a little Christmas gift to myself I bought iRig Keys a 37 note key board. Although it doesn’t fit in the man bag it is quite portable.


There you have it it, a mobile recording/writing system all in one man bag. The only addition that I have now made is Pro Control for Pro tools 12.


PT Control

Here’s the first track written and recorded on this system – Agent Tea Bag






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Ethos Audio mobile

The Ethos Audio sound mobile is one of the smallest, yet most powerful mobiles in the UK. Capable of multi track recording and mixing 96 mic inputs. Acoustically designed with comfortable seating and ducted air conditioning.

This sound mobile can get almost anywhere towed by a Land Rover Discovery – very economical, it also has a remote controlled mover allowing the trailer to turn 360o on the spot!

Video Monitoring

Three LG LED backlit monitors provide plenty of screen to see your pictures. This makes the mobile the perfect place to monitor multi camera feeds. Ideal for de-rig shoots.

Dimensions & Power Length Width Height Weight Power

6.0 m 2.4 m 2.5 m 3000 kg Minimum 13A single phase

Technical Specifcation Audio Console:

Soundcraft Vi6. 32 Faders + master section 96 recordable inputs, 35 outputs over optical fbre allows cable runs up to 1.5km. Multiple stage crates allows a digital patch bay to be created allowing up to 5 Locations to be recorded at once. 8 channels of Lexicon FX and EQ and dynamics available on all inputs and outputs.


PMC AML1 active speakers, PPM meters & spectrum analyser


2x Merging Pyramix MADI audio & timecode recorders. Capable of multi-track 96inputs 1x Mac Powered Boom Recorder


1x TC Electronics M5000 dual engine stereo FX 1x TC Electronics M3000 dual Stereo Engine 1x TC Electronics Finalizer 96K 4x Tascam CD recorders

Timecode & Sync

Time code display Mutec Iclock – We can provide source clock, or lock to sync from any source.


4x wire analogue talkback as standard, more can be added 4x Motorola GP340 duplex talkback

APC U.P.S allows for a fully functioning mobile up to 30mins in the event of power loss.

Optional Extras Include

AVID Pro Tools MADI recorder Klark Teknik active splits Valve compressors Telex ZEUS digital talkback system. Motorola GP340 with your choice of headsets.


We have a large selection of microphones for all applications – manufacturers include Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and DPA not to mention a large range of radio mics.

Audio mobile with guarantee engineer from only £1050 per day.

For more information and full quotation

please contact Peter Austin on 07825679473

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Digidesign C24 – two months on

Had a chance now to evaluate the new board and now two months on I can give some feed back.

My first impressions have been upheld and I have to say I’m finding the C24 very intuitive. Unlike the HUI  it is now the centre of my work space. The jog/shuttle wheel acts as a great zoom and movement ball and other than naming tracks or playlists I have almost discarded the keyboard.

The ‘smart’ tool in Pro Tools is now my standard for editing et cetera and like the D-control, Venue and Icon the ‘EQ’ and ‘Dynamics’ buttons are useful assets to accessing plugins.

I used instrument plugins in ‘anger’ this week and was very impressed with the way the C24 acts like a KORE 2 controller giving you access to all the parameters. Once again very intuitive!

I’ve been working with Will Todd (composer of Mass in Blue) last week on his new work Te Deum and we have had to do a lot of mixing (1090 bars plus !). You can very quickly set different automation states, latch/write/latch & write, really quickly and even during passes. The ‘write automation to’ section is close to hand and the whole process is fast and excellent fun and more over just what mixing should be … CREATIVE!

Fader eye view

No more wrestling with technology. Some of the bigger plugin windows, Sonnox dynamics & Waves SSL channel now appear on an easy to use single strip and it’s just like using the original analogue versions knob twiddling to your hearts content.

In conclusion I’m enjoying the C24 far more than I’d anticipated and can’t wait to start again next week!

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Jazzmouse acquires Digidesign C24 Mixing console

I don’t like change! There I’ve said it …. however sometimes one’s hand is forced by necessity. With most mixes now in the studio pushing fifty channels plus my poor old Mackie HUI (human user interface) was struggling to keep up and so it was time to move on.
The original Control 24, despite being the best seller in it’s price range, was dogged with PSU problems and I avoided it like the plague!
Having worked on both the ICON & VENUE boards I was very familiar with the ‘current’ Digidesign layout and workflow.
The new board is in and running as of today and I am very impressed. It works (almost) straight out of the box and other than some confusion over headphone cues (it’s much simpler than it looks…. just route to output 7&8) is now working with little disruption to my working month. I allowed five days but it has only taken three.
The C24 was supplied by Mediaspec and they ensured that all the usual compatibility issues were resolved even arranging for Digidelivery of software upgrades.
I’ll write an update in six months or so but for the time being … I like ….. I like very much!

Digidesign’s blurb and picture

Sleek and stylish, the new 24-channel C|24® control surface provides direct hands-on control of Pro Tools® mixing, recording, and editing, a complete array of high-quality analog inputs, and a 5.1 analog monitor section to use with your Pro Tools I/O. As the natural evolution of its predecessor — Control|24™, one of the best-selling consoles ever in its class — C|24 integrates the latest advancements in Pro Tools software with many new features and improvements to provide an incredibly powerful and richly featured console option that’s easy to use and aggressively priced for Pro Tools|HD® and Pro Tools LE® users.

Mediaspec can be contacted here :-

9 Brunel Building
Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
East Kilbride
Scotland G75 0QD

Tel: 01355 272 500
Fax: 01355 272 202

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New albums from Gary Williams featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and a compilation from Abbey Road

Gary first came to public attention when he appeared with the BBC Big Band on television paying tribute to Vic Damone. Since then he has become a favourite performer and broadcaster with leading big bands and concert orchestras including the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, the Hallé, Royal Scottish National, City of Birmingham Symphony, the Melbourne Symphony, Adelaide Symphony, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Ireland’s RTE orchestra. He is a regular guest of the BBC Concert Orchestra for Friday Night Is Music Night and had the honour of performing for The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace. As a headline act on the world’s luxury cruise liners he has visited over 50 countries. Other work includes 150 performances as Sinatra in the West End’s ‘The Rat Pack’, The Magic of Bacharach, The Legend of Sinatra (with David Jacobs), Channel 5’s Open House working alongside Donny Osmond and Burt Bacharach and BBC1’s ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special’.

After weeks in the studio, I am delighted to announce two new albums due for release in March.The Sinatra album is with Chris Dean and his orchestra, featuring a full big band throughout and strings on many tracks. It is in fact my first big band album. I’ve tried to focus on the classics without resorting to the most obvious choices. There are some stunning arrangements and particular favourites include All or Nothing At All, Brazil, They All Laughed, Please Be Kind and Where or When.
The second album is a compilation of the last three CDs recorded at Abbey Road, aptly named “Gary Williams – The Best of Abbey Road. Both should be released late March and be available by post Dress Circle and online from iTunes and all the other download sites.
Please got to Gary’s website for more information

“Michael Bublé isn’t the only person keeping the Sinatra flame alive.” Clive Davis for The Sunday Times
“Every song he sang was word and note perfect and confirmed the belief of many in his audience, now surely his “fans”, that he is the best young singer of the Sinatra era of melodies in the country, if not the world… his presentation of all of these well-loved classics was performed with a panache which would have pleased ‘The Guv’nor’ himself.” Perfectly Frank Magazine

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