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Get things done!

“Time and tide wait for no man” and in this increasingly hectic world what can we do to help this?

I have found that organisation is key. I was a ‘never ending’ list writer but rarely got anything done. Through the Creative Business Partnership I was fortunate enough to receive some business coaching and we highlighted that one of the biggest faults in many businesses, large or small, is time management and more importantly structured time management. You can make all the lists in the world but unless you can map them out during your day you are not making progress.

The first GTD (get things done) package I used was called Things. This works well on both the iPhone and Mac but was a bit lumpy and not contextual enough. Omnifocus on the other hand is a real work horse. It’s intuitive interface and simple layout make it a very quick and easy to use package. The iPhone app is very similar and they sync via my Mobile me cloud with out any need to connect your PDA to the computer. Omnifocus allows you to set times for all manner of projects and contexts and really helps plan your day and week to help you get things done.
During one of the great Jon Davey events this year I was turned onto Evernote by internet psychologist Graham Jones. Evernote is FREE! This fantastic package enables you to store a multitude of documents whether it is text, audio, a map and images. You can group items into contextual notebooks and it then synchronises it self on the web. This gives you access anywhere either on the web or via your laptop and your PDA.
If you are researching information for a blog, for example, there are handy key board short cuts that allow you to easily add notes without leaving the page you are on.

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