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Peoples Republic of Brightonia & Turkish food courts – The tour continues

The tour continues…

Business in Berkshire

Refreshed after a week off the Monarch of the Puddings tour landed in Brighton.

Now the good Mrs F had just toured here with her play and so I was a little prepared for our trip. The Theatre Royal Brighton is a quirky place made up of a dozen or so different buildings culminating in a ‘house that jack built’ feel with not a single level surface in existence! When I’d visited Brighton a week or so before, Mrs F & I had been to a little Turkish Restaurant for pre show sustenance. Charcoal grilled lamb ribs and some lovely starters was a great set up for a little jaunt to Istanbul some days later to visit the new Zorlu centre.

jazzmouse red light show

This multi million dollar venue has only just opened and we put on two concerts. The first show was a Classical Spectacular featuring a local turkish choir. Lots…

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