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Digidesign C24 – two months on

Had a chance now to evaluate the new board and now two months on I can give some feed back.

My first impressions have been upheld and I have to say I’m finding the C24 very intuitive. Unlike the HUI  it is now the centre of my work space. The jog/shuttle wheel acts as a great zoom and movement ball and other than naming tracks or playlists I have almost discarded the keyboard.

The ‘smart’ tool in Pro Tools is now my standard for editing et cetera and like the D-control, Venue and Icon the ‘EQ’ and ‘Dynamics’ buttons are useful assets to accessing plugins.

I used instrument plugins in ‘anger’ this week and was very impressed with the way the C24 acts like a KORE 2 controller giving you access to all the parameters. Once again very intuitive!

I’ve been working with Will Todd (composer of Mass in Blue) last week on his new work Te Deum and we have had to do a lot of mixing (1090 bars plus !). You can very quickly set different automation states, latch/write/latch & write, really quickly and even during passes. The ‘write automation to’ section is close to hand and the whole process is fast and excellent fun and more over just what mixing should be … CREATIVE!

Fader eye view

No more wrestling with technology. Some of the bigger plugin windows, Sonnox dynamics & Waves SSL channel now appear on an easy to use single strip and it’s just like using the original analogue versions knob twiddling to your hearts content.

In conclusion I’m enjoying the C24 far more than I’d anticipated and can’t wait to start again next week!


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Jazzmouse acquires Digidesign C24 Mixing console

I don’t like change! There I’ve said it …. however sometimes one’s hand is forced by necessity. With most mixes now in the studio pushing fifty channels plus my poor old Mackie HUI (human user interface) was struggling to keep up and so it was time to move on.
The original Control 24, despite being the best seller in it’s price range, was dogged with PSU problems and I avoided it like the plague!
Having worked on both the ICON & VENUE boards I was very familiar with the ‘current’ Digidesign layout and workflow.
The new board is in and running as of today and I am very impressed. It works (almost) straight out of the box and other than some confusion over headphone cues (it’s much simpler than it looks…. just route to output 7&8) is now working with little disruption to my working month. I allowed five days but it has only taken three.
The C24 was supplied by Mediaspec and they ensured that all the usual compatibility issues were resolved even arranging for Digidelivery of software upgrades.
I’ll write an update in six months or so but for the time being … I like ….. I like very much!

Digidesign’s blurb and picture

Sleek and stylish, the new 24-channel C|24® control surface provides direct hands-on control of Pro Tools® mixing, recording, and editing, a complete array of high-quality analog inputs, and a 5.1 analog monitor section to use with your Pro Tools I/O. As the natural evolution of its predecessor — Control|24™, one of the best-selling consoles ever in its class — C|24 integrates the latest advancements in Pro Tools software with many new features and improvements to provide an incredibly powerful and richly featured console option that’s easy to use and aggressively priced for Pro Tools|HD® and Pro Tools LE® users.

Mediaspec can be contacted here :-

9 Brunel Building
Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
East Kilbride
Scotland G75 0QD

Tel: 01355 272 500
Fax: 01355 272 202

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